We offer competitive candidates a unique internship opportunity to be integrally involved in the daily life of a Gallery.

The role requires assisting with the daily operations of the gallery, and responsabilities include:

-Installation and de-installation of exhibitions. Interns will have the opportunity to engage with a professional hanging and lighting system.
-Liaising with artists and companies. Preparation of exhibitions and events requires communication with the clients of the gallery.
-Maintaining the appearance of the gallery, storeroom, offices and building.
-Updating the archives of news clippings, marketing materials and photographs, as well as maintaining the websites of the gallery, and upholding the online presence of the gallery and its exhibitions.
-Opening receptions, symposia, gallery tours and the educational programe.
-Front desk and exhibition implementation.

In return, interns can expect a challenging environment which will prepare them for full time employment in an arts/events/gallery professional setting.

While we do not pay our interns, we promise to provide them with maximum exposure to the major issues and players in the art world, and professional growth in a number of valuable areas in particular art exhibition, marketing and sales.